Metal Drop

Trade Secret


-The Metal Drop™ is a high power humbucker with an Alnico 8 bar magnet, “The Musical Magnet”

-Clean up the mud in your tone in drop tuning or standard tuning and keep the big low end chug.

-Tonal clarity is achieved with staggered pole pieces that compliment the Alnico 8 bar magnet.

-The neck pickup output is balanced by design to solo over the bridge pickup.

-The tops of the bobbins have a brushed pattern for a sleek Metal look.

$125.00 each

-Magnet: Alnico 8 bar
-Resistance Targets: Bridge 21.50Ω ● Neck 12.95Ω
-Pole Pieces: Staggered
- Color: Brushed Black Bobbins and Black Pole Pieces
-Coil Split Wiring: Standard
-Bridge Spacing Options: Bridge 50MM / Bridge Wide 53MM (high e to low e strings)
-“Lefty” Metal Drops are available. Standard Metal Drops are not compatible with lefty’s.

​Metal Drop™