Tone Management

Volume & Tone Potentiometers:

-To reduce the load and to get the maximum tone from double coil pickups, use 500k volume and tone
potentiometers.  It is often mistaken that a guitar manufacturer is known to use 500k pots on their double coil
guitars but they use 250k pots. Have your pots tested by a guitar tech to find out which pots are in your

-250k pots increase the load and reduce the tone on a double coil pickup. Some double coil pickups are so
bright and tinny that they need 250k pots to reduce unpleasant highs.

-Our recommendation is to have 500k audio volume and tone pots installed with the MetalDrop™
​pickups to get the best tone.


-If you use capacitors in your circuit they will have an effect on your tone.

-A .047uF capacitor will increase the bass.

​-A .022uF capacitor will have less bass.

-If you do not use a capacitor and your tone is thin, experiment with both capacitors as capacitors will bleed off the highs.

Volume Roll Off:

-If you reduce the volume when playing, we suggest that you have a .001uF cap and a 150k- ¼ watt resistor installed between the input and output lugs of the volume pots. When you reduce the volume, the pickups will keep their tone.

-Ask your guitar tech connect 2 alligator clips to each end of the cap and resistor and connect to the volume pot. If you like that setup, have it soldered in to the circuit.