​Jim Grandon Pickups™ 4 Conductor Connections:

-Green and Bare are soldered together and connected to ground.

-Red and White are soldered together for double coil operation.

-For a coil split, White is the north coil and Red is the south coil.

-Black is hot.

*We recommend that a professional guitar technician install your Jim Grandon Pickups™

Pickup Orientation:

-The bridge and neck pickups have 6 pole pieces that protrude through the base plate. When looking down at the pickups in the playing position, the 4 protruding pole pieces face toward the neck side of the guitar. If the pickups are not in that position they will be out of phase. Even if you are using a single MetalDrop TM pickup the 4 protruding pole pieces face toward the neck of the guitar.

Pickup Height Adjustment:

-After installing the pickup and tuning to pitch, press the low E and high E strings down at the last fret. While holding the strings down, adjust the pickups to 3/32" - 4/32” from the top of the pickups to the bottom of the low E and high E strings. Use this as a starting point. We do not recommend the pickup height any more than 3/32" - 4/32” as it can affect the meter when setting the intonation and apply too much magnetism on the strings and will reduce sustain. The pickup can be lowered to fit your tone.

Protect Your Pickups:

-Keep your pickups away from amp speakers and PA speakers. The speaker magnets can damage the magnets in the pickups. Do not lean your guitar on your amp!

-Avoid extreme heat to your pickups, wood stoves, fireplaces, hot vehicles, windows in the sun etc...

-Do not attempt to wax pot your pickups.

All Jim Grandon Pickups™ are wax potted through the coils to reduce feedback. Trying this on your own could


age the insulation on the magnet wire and short the wires or warp the bobbins.