I make custom pickups to your specifications.

I repair vintage and modern pickups.

-Keeping the original pickups in vintage instruments will retain the value.
-I make single coils and double coils to players specs and convert humbuckers to a coil tap.
-Wax potting, add new connection wires, change magnets, change pole pieces, change covers.
-If you are located out of the area you can ship your pickups to me.

​Notable Vintage Repairs: A 1979 Gibson T Top, a late 1970's Dimarzio PAF, an early1980's Tim Shaw , a set of 1962 Gretsch HiLo Trons from a Gretsch Tennessean, a 1960's Kay Truetone bridge pickup, a 1959 Gibson PAF, an early 70's Rickenbacker 4001 bridge.

Custom Pickups/Repairs